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Groundradar used for racetrack maintenance

ATKB was commissioned to assess damages to the racetrack. For this we successfully utilised groundradar and soil cores.

The track in question was built in the 90s and requires regular maintenance. Groundradar is non-destructive and reduces the need for excessive core sampling. This allows for cost effective maintenance of the racetrack.

The track is about 4 km long, and encompasses 4 lanes. Certain sections of the track are steeply angled. In order to safely scan these, we used a vehicle designed for surveying mountainous terrain, the Ziesel. We were able to scan the entire track without difficulty. In addition to track health, the client wanted to know the depth of the separately constructed layers making up the track. These were clearly visible in the radar images. These were then combined with the results from the soil coring in order to create a complete picture. The interfaces were summarised into a 3D model, and damaged sections were highlighted.

Figure 1: Ziesel being used to scan steeply-angled curved sections of the racetrack.

Figure 2: Survey equipment used.

Figure 3: Sections with broken concrete plates (red slabs). Yellow arrows point at base layer asphalt, blue arrows mark levelling course asphalt

Figure 4: Set-up of the racetrack, showing position of the 4 lanes.